In News il 17/11/2017

We have some lot a thanksfull to Benton Rochester for an innovative JQuery ytplayer to reproduce 360 video iframe youtube embed
Are marching over the same slogan, but now enforced to offer an unpublished 360 video to performe your view of life at full!.

The Zelios Towers

In News il 14/11/2013

We have create, starting to interpret the HTML5 language, a new concept of website with endless possibilities to navigate without getting bored and discover new spaces where

Re-discover yourself is the slogan.

Thanks to <iframe> technology we are between the first ones to present to the public "The Zelios Towers", a construction of horizontal and vertical planes, where to view: images-galleries, videos, games, text, and all that the imagination of visitors want to suggest. Because we are open to any suggestion and proposal. Please take a seat to the elevators, we are starting !!
Our showrooms are all in fullscreeen background slideshow, with multimedia content, to ensure maximum visual and emotional impact on visitors. Otherwise the programming language used for the entire project, we using the tag <iframe> as the main resource of our design.


for a period of minimum one year. Thank you for following us and to keep us motivated to continually strive to improve every day.

The psychedelic experience

In News il 26/10/2013

The definition of "psychedelic experience" is characterized by polyvalence or ambiguity due to its nature. In modern psychopharmacological science as well as philosophical, psychological, neurological, spiritual-religious and most other ideological discourses it is understood as an altered state of awareness often distinct to, and induced by the consumption of certain psychotropics. Psychedelic compounds are known to cause this change in mental state. Anyway we are in favor of legalizations of cannabis and others soft drugs and we abhor hypocrisy tied to any false attitudes prohibitionists, because more often than those who have advocated are among the most wretched beings on the face of the Earth.

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